Let’s play FIFA 18: Valencia vs. Barcelona

Let’s play some FIFA 18! I grab the controller to see how Barcelona will fare in their next game. Then I let the FIFA 18 simulation take place and see how the FIFA simulator thinks Barcelona will do.

It’s certainly not a perfect formula, but FIFA 18 can give a small hint at certain aspects of a game. It can also be ridiculously funny to watch someone fail at FIFA, so check it out below and let us know what you all think.

Today I play some FIFA 18 with FC Barcelona taking on Valencia in La Liga. The two sides currently sit first and second in the league, only separated by four points. Apart from Gerard Pique who is suspended, Barcelona’s lineup in this one should be full strength given the significance of the game for league competition. But given the tough midweek matchup against Juventus, changes are possible.

My gameplay (with commentary):

Side note: I was going to re-record this because of the buzzer, but the ending was so exciting that I decided to keep this iteration of the gameplay.

Computer Simulation:

Let me know what you guys think of this gameplay!

Barcelona maybe need a ‘finishing touch’ in January, says Bartomeu

The president has hinted the club will spend this winter

Barcelona’s president Josep Bartomeu made it pretty clear that Barcelona need some sort of final piece to their squad should they wish to win the Champions League this season.

In an interview at the Catalan Sports Awards Bartomeu talked about potential signings in January and what they could mean for the squad.

“There are people more qualified than me, like [general manager] Pep Segura and [CEO] Oscar Grau.”

“We’re satisfied with the squad but if there is an opportunity to improve in January, Barca always have to try. The ambition is there. We want to win everything: La Liga, the Copa del Rey… to win the Champions League, maybe [the squad] needs a finishing touch.”

Josep Bartomeu | Source

It remains unclear if this final piece is anyone besides Philippe Coutinho in Bartomeu’s mind.

We’ll have to wait and see who he believes that final piece is, and if it ends up happening.

Mesut Ozil has a price, is he worth it?

Arsenal are reported to want €20 million

According to reports, another backup plan has come into view should Barcelona fail to sign Philippe Coutinho in January. This time the reports are saying that Mesut Ozil is the backup plan.

“And one of the best situated alternatives is that of Mesut Özil (29 years old, Arsenal). The conclusion of Barça’s club technicians is that there are not so many players who can play the Champions League and are available in the winter at an affordable price. Özil meets those requirements.”

Source | Mundo Deportivo

Apparently the price for Ozil is €20 million, a somewhat fair price for a player who, when in form, can change a game.

So the question becomes, if indeed Ozil is available for that price tag, is he worth it? Assuming that Angel Di Maria and Coutinho are both more expensive then Barcelona are willing to spend, then Ozil could be a great alternative to them.

He can provide excellent offensive production at times, putting great balls into the box and really provide another offensive catalyst for Lionel Messi in the midfield and on the flanks.

The downsides with Ozil are his defensive production, or lack thereof, and the fact that sometimes he really just doesn’t seem up for it. But hey, for €20 million perhaps it’s worth the risk?

Let’s play FIFA 18: Juventus vs. Barcelona

Let’s play some FIFA 18! I grab the controller to see how Barcelona will fare in their next game. Then I let the FIFA 18 simulation take place and see how the FIFA simulator thinks Barcelona will do.

It’s certainly not a perfect formula, but FIFA 18 can give a small hint at certain aspects of a game. It can also be ridiculously funny to watch someone fail at FIFA, so check it out below and let us know what you all think.

Today I’m going to hop on FIFA 18 and see what happens when Barcelona travel to Italy to take on Juventus. The majestic matchup of Europe’s finest is always fun, especially when you get to see it twice in a short period of time. Barcelona won the first matchup of these two 3-0 earlier in the season.

My gameplay (with commentary):

Computer Simulation:

Let me know what you guys think of this gameplay!

Is Christian Eriksen a better choice for Barcelona than Philippe Coutinho?

Barcelona have had a tumultuous last few months with Premier League midfielders. Specifically, Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho. Barcelona and Liverpool somewhat openly circled each other when it came to the sale of Coutinho. Nothing ever came of the sale, due to both sides being far apart on the price.

One of the players that has been somewhat linked as a potential choice over Coutinho is Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen.

The Dane has previously spoken about a potential move to Barcelona, although today’s Mundo Deportivo reckons it would be “impossible” to bring him to Camp Nou.

“I still have a contract with Tottenham for a few more seasons (until 2020). There are always rumors about soccer players and I am one of them. Barça is a great club and I do not think there are many players who can say ‘no’ to Barça.”

“There is nothing concrete with Barcelona. This is a hypothetical question, if it happens. You can dream and hope that there is a real possibility. But if not, you can not decide.”

Christian Eriksen | Source

It remains unclear how much Eriksen would cost Barcelona. Estimates for his worth vary, but without a lengthy injury history and the youth of being only 25 years old, he could be worth more than Coutinho when it comes down to business.

Whatever the cost, when looking at the two players side by side, and who would help Barcelona more, Eriksen seems to be the way to go. His midfield creativity and functionality extend beyond Coutinho’s flashiness. While unlikely, Eriksen would be a fantastic addition to the Barcelona midfield.

Messi has already signed new Barcelona deal, says La Liga president Tebas

The deal is done, apparently

Another day, another key figure in the Spanish football world saying that Lionel Messi has signed a new deal with Barcelona. Yet somehow, Messi himself has yet to officially confirm that a deal is done.

“Messi has a contract which has been renewed,”

“Contracts are official when they are signed and not when it is announced that they have been signed. Messi has signed with Barcelona, if I have not been lied to, he has signed.”

Javier Tebas | Source

It remains unclear as to why Tebas feels the need to confirm that the deal is done. If everyone is so certain that the deal is done, why not wait till Messi and the club actually confirm it?

The entire situation still remains somewhat odd. In all likelihood, Messi has signed a new deal with Barcelona. But until the deal is made official, the need for the Liga president to confirm the deal seems like a waste of time.

In the meantime, it’s now November and there’s still no official word…

Lionel Messi talks future plans and playing for Newell’s Old Boys

The Argentine has been discussing his playing plans

Lionel Messi still hasn’t signed a contract extension with Barcelona, so just about every quote regarding his future deserves attention.

In an interview with Argentine channel TyC Sports, Messi talked about what it would mean for him to play for his boyhood club in Argentina, Newell’s Old Boys.

“The desire is always playing for Newell’s, it is what I dreamed as a kid.”

“When I went to the club I imagined playing in the Primera Division, but I do not know what’s going to happen in a few years.

“I cannot say I’m going back because I do not know where I’m going to be.”

Lionel Messi | Source

Messi then discussed playing at the home of Boca Juniors in the World Cup qualifiers last month, La Bombonera. The game was a 0-0 draw with Peru, but the experience was worth it.

“It was a beautiful experience personally and I think with the national team it was spectacular.

“From the first moment until the end of the game, although it was not the result we all expected, we were applauded.

“It was a beautiful night beyond the result that did not go with it.”

Lionel Messi | Source

This is not the first time Messi has talked about heading home to play in Argentina although he’s also talked previously about wanting to retire at Barcelona. What we do know, however, is that his new contract is still yet to be officially signed and we are now into November.

Barcelona keeping an eye on Nabil Fekir – report

Robert Fernandez has been to see him in action

Barcelona are reportedly watching Lyon star Nabil Fekir. At 24-years-old he’s one of the young stars that is shining in French football.

Barcelona’s technical secretary Robert Fernandez apparently went to observe the player in Lyon’s 3-0 win over Everton, according to Marca, and Barca have been tracking him for months.

Fekir could be viewed as a second option to Philippe Coutinho by some, but Barcelona could likely get Fekir for much less. Fekir won Ligue 1’s Young Player of the Year in 2014-15 and has been a sensation for for his club.

To help fuel some of the conversation, Fekir copied Lionel Messi’s famed celebration in Lyon’s 5-0 win over local rivals Saint-Etienne.

Barcelona have had a close eye on French stars as of late. With players such as Ousmane Dembele and Samuel Umtiti already in the squad, Fekir could be the next Barcelona first-teamer discovered in Ligue 1.

The future is bright for Fekir, and given his potential admiration for Lionel Messi, this could be a solid match for both sides.

Kylian Mbappé was nearly a Barcelona player – report

That would have been nice

According to a new documentary by L’Equipe 21, ‘Kylian Mbappé – Hors normes (excepcional)’, Barcelona were incredibly close to signing Kylian Mbappé before the deal fell through and Mbappé ended up at Paris Saint-Germain.

The documentary lays out the case that Barcelona were furious over Neymar moving to PSG and had reached a deal with Monaco that involved sending Arda Turan to the Ligue 1 side with some additional funds added on of course.

The deal was literally at the airport, with Mbappé’s plane ready to take off. It’s tough to tell how realistic that detail is, but my goodness what a fascinating thought.

In years to come, looking back on this deal could be a fascinating fork in the road for Barcelona.

Mbappé has the potential to be one of the best players of this generation, and to know that his plane was at the airport, ready for Barcelona, could be a devastating thought in the years to come.

Patrik Schick keen on Barcelona

The Roma man looks to larger clubs.

Roma’s Patrik Schick certainly isn’t shy about his aspirations in his football career. The Roma and Czech Republic international made it pretty clear where he gets his motivation and the clubs that could potentially fit into his future.

“Money? I take it as motivation, and I hope that in a few years I can move to an even bigger club where logically I’ll be paid even more – that motivation has always helped me a lot.

“It’s not really possible to move much higher [than Roma] but there are a few clubs… let’s say Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United.”

Patrik Schick | Source

If indeed he is looking to his future prospects with money in mind, he certainly picked some of the biggest spenders in the world. Schick has high aspirations, and should he continue to develop at Roma, those aspirations will become a reality.