FC Barcelona News: 25 June 2017; Denis Suarez Confirms Barcelona Stay, Paulinho Confirms Transfer Talks

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Lionel Messi turned 30 Saturday. So here are 30 things about the Argentina and Barcelona legend.

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You might know everything about the player’s exploits at Barça – but what about the more personal side of the Argentinian superstar? Let’s find out!

The sports world congratulates Leo Messi | FC Barcelona
Various famous figures wish the Barça star a happy birthday as he turns 30.

Brazil star Paulinho says he has an offer to move to Barcelona | ESPN
Brazil midfielder Paulinho has revealed that his agent is in talks with Barcelona over a potential move to the Catalan club. Barca are looking to make signings in a number of positions this summer as they look to strengthen new coach Ernesto Valverde’s hand, with midfield one area they’re keen to improve.

Barcelona star confirms he’s staying | Sportskeeda
Barcelona and Spanish midfielder Denis Suarez has confirmed that he is staying at the club, despite the speculation of uncertainty about his future. After the Under-21 playoff match against Serbia, which the Spaniards won thanks to Suarez’s goal, he told Marca, ”I am 100 percent staying at Barcelona for next year.

Marco Verratti refutes giving interview about his future at Paris Saint-Germain | ESPN
Marco Verratti has denied giving an interview in which he was quoted as saying his future at Paris Saint-Germain depends on the club bringing in players in the transfer market this summer.

U12A team through to LaLiga Promises Internacional semi-finals | FC Barcelona
Supported all the way by children from the Barça Academy NY, the day started with the Catalans winning 1-0 (yet again!) against Benfica in the final game of the group stage. Iker Bravo scored the only goal of the game in the very first minute – the fastest goal of the tournament.

Verratti: Stop talking about me!

The midfielder has sent a message to the press

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably read enough about Marco Verratti today, but if you’ve come this far, you may as well stick with it, as the Italian has now attempted to clarify quotes attributed to him in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In case you missed it (where were you?) Verratti claimed he could stay at Paris Saint-Germain, provided the club invested heavily to improve the squad this summer.

Fairly scathing quotes, but within hours, Verratti had posted a cryptic post on Instagram Stories, seeming to suggest the interview was false.

It’s also worth pointing out now, that the journalist who wrote the article, Alessandro Grandesso, has taken to social media to stand by his story tweeting: “7 years of professionalism. I confirm everything.”

So where does that leave us? Well back to Verratti who has taken to Instagram Stories again, to let us know his thoughts.

“I’ve not given an interview to anyone and I’ve never discussed with PSG what was explained in the article in that way,” he wrote.

“I hope that you will stop talking about what you know nothing about. Everyone has their limit.”

Maybe Verratti’s right, maybe we should stop talking about him.

We could always just talk about Paulinho instead?

A Fan’s Tribute: Shine on you crazy diamond!

Happy Birthday, Leo!

I’m waiting.

I’m waiting for the day when there’s some appreciation—the day when people finally see the truth that’s hauntingly lingered before them for so long.

I sit and wait but there’s so little of the truth out there, that it can be hard to comprehend it in its entirety.

There have been some truly great footballers in the past—stories that change you as a person and make you believe; if you work hard enough, the world will bow down before you and chant your name in a transcendental chorus that will hauntingly echo through history.

Football never ceases to amaze me and in all my time as a fan, if someone asked me for the one person who changed it all, it’ll be Messi.

I am still trying to understand how one man can be so limitless. How is it possible for one person to change the course of history so significantly, names in record books once untouched have been scratched on and written over to the point where no matter where you look, all you see is his name in glaring bold?

The way he moves, the way he gets away from those chasing his ghost, the way he puts all those around him to shame with a flick as easy as the smile on his face… Is it all real, or just manufactured reality? An existence produced to bring us joy from that which we cannot ever fully understand?

30 years of life, and there’s still more joy to come from the pot of gold that won’t stop giving.

I want to try and do justice to the man for he has rarely been treated with the love and admiration he deserves from those witnessing his magic.

From humble beginnings, a man rose above everyone else to shine.

Stadiums are filled with thousands of people every week to watch men play with a ball full of air. Football is arguably the most insignificant sport from a cynic’s eyes—90 minutes of men trying to find the back of the net; a short-lived claim to fame. It is redundant, and yet we love it. It is pointless, and yet millions across the world swear by it. The answer is simple—when that stadium fills, it is a celebration; a celebration of what we humans can do. Football is a celebration of the simplest things like balancing a ball and controlling it with our feet. It is a celebration of humanity in its purest form, and there is no greater reason to be happy.

Messi is the epitome of everything that is football, and by extension, humanity.

In the future, many will wonder if the stories are true and even more will try to mimic him, for they would have already discovered his legend amongst those that came before him. Those of us who grew up watching him become a man from a little boy will reminisce with a smile on our faces, while those who didn’t will try to recollect if he was really that good—maybe there was another who was just as good, if not better?

The truth, however, is that there will only ever be one Messi and if we don’t appreciate him enough today, we might just live to regret it.

Happy Birthday, Leo.

Well you wore out your welcome with random precision

Rode on the steel breeze

Come on you raver, you seer of visions

Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

Former Tottenham Midfielder Paulinho Says He Has an Offer From FC Barcelona


Brazilian international Paulinho has told Globo that he has an offer from FC Barcelona. The midfielder, formerly of Tottenham Hotspur and now of Guangzhou Evergrande, said he’s not sure whether to join or not:“I’m very happy in my life and my career, and it’s difficult to decide.”

Paulinho reported being happy living in China, but he was “happy that a big club like Barcelona were interested in him,” calling it “priceless.”

Meanwhile, Diario SPORT report Barcelona are negotiating with Paulinho. The report says the club likes his performances for the Brazilian national team and think that, at 28, he’s at the prime of his career and ready to challenge for a starting spot.

This rumor is picking up steam.

Personally, I don’t understand the chase for him or Lucas Lima, another middling Brazilian midfielder. The truth is, Barcelona already has a ton of decent or OK midfielders. What the team really needs is a star. That’s clearly Marco Verratti, but failing that, the Catalans should look for someone a tier below, not several tiers below.

Unless, that is, Ernesto Valverde has some secret plan for those kinds of signings that’s not apparent yet… but I don’t see it.

Ronaldinho, Suarez & the best tributes to Lionel Messi on his 30th birthday

Happy Birthday Leo!

Lionel Messi celebrates his 30th birthday today and it’s fair to say this has not gone unnoticed in the land of social media, with people queuing up to wish him all the best.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best tributes to the great man…

Want to wish Leo a Happy Birthday? Leave a message in the comments below!

The best tributes to Lionel Messi on his 30th birthday

Happy Birthday Leo!

Lionel Messi celebrates his 30th birthday today and it’s fair to say this has not gone unnoticed in the land of social media, with people queuing up to wish him all the best.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best tributes to the great man…

Want to wish Leo a Happy Birthday? Leave a message in the comments below!

FC Barcelona News: 24 June 2017; Lionel Messi celebrates 30th birthday, Verratti discusses future

A round-up of the latest Barcelona news and transfer rumors

Verratti: PSG must buy champions | Football Espana
Barcelona target Marco Verratti has reportedly rejected Paris Saint-Germain’s offer of a €12m salary but challenged the club to buy “champions”.

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Happy birthday to Leo Messi! Celebrate the Argentinian superstar’s 30th by taking a look at thirty of the most impressive records he has set during his prodigious career!

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Discover which emojis his teammates choose to describe Leo Messi on his thirtieth birthday

QUIZ: How much do you really know about Lionel Messi? – FC Barcelona
You might know everything about the player’s exploits at Barça – but what about the more personal side of the Argentinian superstar? Let’s find out!

VIDEO: The origins of Samuel Umtiti – FC Barcelona
A wonderful short film produced by Barça TV that traces the French defender’s history from local club Menival, to Olympique Lyon and to the Camp Nou (subtitles in English)

What’s Verratti up to now?

The midfielder seems to have denied he spoke to an Italian newspaper

The saga surrounding Marco Verratti has taken yet another twist today just hours after some fairly interesting quotes from the Italian appeared in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In them, Verratti said he would stay at Paris Saint-Germain if the club invested in the squad this summer, despite all the speculation linking him with Barcelona.

However, just hours after those quotes surfaced, Verratti took to social media, seemingly to deny the interview.

What are we to make of it all? Are the quotes indeed fake? It certainly looks that way – which is a surprise – you wouldn’t really expect that from La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Are we to believe that Verratti does indeed want to come after all? Are we going to have to put up with this nonsense for the rest of the summer?

Quite possibly, yes.

Verratti opens up on Paris Saint-Germain future amid huge Barcelona speculation

The midfielder has revealed what it will take to keep him in France

Marco Verratti has spoken out about his future after days of huge speculation that he will sign for Barcelona in a massive deal this summer.

The latest speculation has claimed the Italian has told Paris Saint-Germain he wants to leave, although the Ligue 1 side remain determined to keep hold of him.

Barca are reportedly ready to spend big on the midfielder, who could cost somewhere in the region of €100 million.

However, Verratti has now given his take on the situation, and it’s not great news for Barca, with the 24-year-old claiming he could stay in the French capital.

“Given that I do not have to leave at all costs. I want to see if this time they are going to make a really great team. In this case, I would be happy to stay,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Every year they say they are going to make a great team, and we see the results. Promises are not enough.

“If [Antero] Henrique keeps his promises, I would be happy to stay. No one forces me to leave.”

So there we have it, fairly scathing from Verratti in truth, who has put pressure on his club to spend big and strengthen the team this summer.

Over to you PSG…

WATCH: Denis Suarez nets for Spain Under-21s

The Barca star finished a great move with a lovely finish

Denis Suarez was on target for Spain Under-21s as they took on Serbia at the European Championship in Poland.

The Barcelona star finished a great move superbly after 38 minutes, smashing home first time after good work from Alvaro Odriozola.

The evening got even better for Spain just minutes later as captain Djurdjevic was sent off for a second yellow, after elbowing Merino.

Wins over Macedonia and Portugal mean Spain have already sealed their qualification from the group and on current form, will take some stopping.